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Letters and Op-eds — Los Angeles Daily News
011986-03-05 Vietnam lesson unlearned
021986-05-21 Room for Contadora
031986-07-09 Patriotism run amok
041987-02-12 US Has supported Other Bad Guys Too
051987-03-11 Two views of Reagan
061987-03-27 Nice guys finish first
071987-06-24 Fighting for the rich
081987-10-09 Policy of cynicism
091987-11-13 When America butted in
101987-12-09 How administration fuels repression in Haiti
111988-01-09 The beam in our eye
121988-05-29 Off-roaders are off base in public parks
131988-06-13 Pity President Reagan
141988-09-09 Deukmejian's California is no worker's paradise
151988-10-04 Wright was right
161988-10-28 Benefits of the draft
171988-12-05 Two bright spots
181989-01-04 More than slogans needed
191989-01-26 War and responsibility
201989-03-14 John Tower's rejection for Defense Sec'y
211989-04-23 Ethics of stewardship questioned
221989-05-28 Response to letter Guilt of the liberals
231989-06-24 For 'Ethics in Government'
241989-09-07 Criticized columnists
251989-10-09 Cartoons show materialism malaise
261989-11-11 Should our reply to Ortega be more arms for Contras
271990-01-07 Leadership LA deserves
281990-02-09 US wasn't the good guy
291990-04-26 More on Earth Day
301990-06-24 Flag and Constitution
311990-07-10 Grow Up
321990-12-17 If welfare moms
331990-12-30 Better government not anger is the answer
341991-01-23 Speaking to and for the anti-war movement
351991-02-27 Not such a moral war
361991-07-08 After what LAPD did Zinzun deserves plenty.pdf
371991-09-26 Boardroom amorality
381991-11-03 Kevorkian wrongly attacked for aiding suicides
391992-03-11 The liberals were right
401992-06-16 Economy and environment
411992-09-09 Extremist Cuban exiles
421992-12-15 Condemn Guatemalan oppressors not Menchu
431993-01-19 On the phony House bank 'scandal'
441993-03-24 Blame America's 'haves'
451993-05-02 Don't block emergency traffic
461993-06-29 Take the pay and earn it
471994-05-18 Ciotti wrong on welfare
481994-06-07 Saunders' attack on assisted suicide 'raves on'
491994-08-10 Defeat of the left was Latin America's loss.pdf
501994-09-09 Like China like Cuba-It's time to open door
511994-11-27 Commentary on Prop 187
521994-12-25 Average American Insensive To Plight Of Others
531995-03-13 Sowell as propagandist
541995-07-11 Church and state
551995-08-10 Don't fault DWP workers
561996-08-02 Death penalty and human rights
571997-01-09 Some questions for Gingrich's supporters
581997-01-26 Gingrich resignation would aid poor losers
591997-02-11 Freedom of speech
601997-03-12 Not so innocent remarks
611997-04-27 Why the liberal press wants to get Clinton
621997-06-12 Gelman and Paula Jones
631997-07-21 Liberals vs conservatives
641997-10-10 Abandoned babies
651997-11-20 Critic erred
661998-03-01 End abuse
671998-04-05 Valley porn industry
681999-06-15 Parking tickets
691999-10-11 Shoulders of giants
701999-11-03 Stewart's flight
711999-12-09 Safire as comic, with letters to Safire
722000-02-15 Most vexing problem

Letters — Los Angeles Times
011985-08-21 Love and Spiders
021985-09-19 Moralists Would Sink South Africa
031986-07-02 Nicaragua - Words, Words, Words
041986-08-14 US World Scofflaw
051986-09-01 U.S. Intervention in Latin America
061986-11-26 Nicaraguan Obsession
071987-02-07 Nicaragua's New Constitution
081987-03-27 About the Fourth Estate
091987-04-05 Managua Memoirs (Los Angeles Times Magazine)
101987-05-17 Cruz in the Cross Hairs(Los Angeles Times Magazine)
111987-08-03 Iran-Contra Hearings
121987-09-12 Brian Willson Protester Injured by Train
131987-09-29 McFarlane on the Contras
141987-11-15 Congressmen Join Managua March
151988-04-19 McCarthy on Slaughterhouses
161988-06-25 Speaker of the House Jim Wright
171988-06-25 The Jane Fonda Apology
181988-07-04 Nationalism
191988-09-19 Gas-Guzzling Is Still in Style
201988-12-05 Homeless and Heartless'
211989-02-04 Serial Killer Bundy's Execution
221989-03-01 A Remarkable Realism on Afghanistan See The Shah, Not Kremlin, Touched Off Afghan Coup, by Selig Harrison, Washington Post Outlook, May 13, 1979.
231989-04-11 Governor's Letter
241989-06-11 Exxon oil spill ethics
251989-07-29 re: Can LBJ'S Great Society Ever Exist?
261989-09-29 El Salvador and Nicaragua
271990-02-02 Haiti
281990-04-30 Congress and Administration Sidestep Long-Term Problems
291990-07-19 Intervention in Nicaragua
301990-09-04 About universal military service
311990-10-22 About Congressman Dellums — not printed
321990-11-29 About George Black article — not printed
331992-05-28 About a media analysis by David Shaw — not printed   With my letter to Shaw.
342000-11-01 About Clancy Sigal's vote for Nader

Letters — Other publications
1987-06-05 LA Weekly    Timely Neglect
1988-05-20 LA Herald Examiner   Buchanan's foes and friends offer comments
1988-09-02 LA Herald Examiner   Just a hired gun
1994-05-12 Orange County Register   Don't scapegoat teachers  Probably not printed.
2004-06-30 Foothills Sun-Gazette    My Country Right or Wrong
2010-01-22 The Kaweah Commonwealth   Living by profit
2016-07-15 Ventura County Star    Gun violence limits

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