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ENDLESS ENEMIES: The Making Of An Unfriendly World, by Jonathan Kwitny.
(1984) New York, Congdon & Weed, Inc.

NOTE: The Table of Contents follows the explanation.

While I am not familiar with all of America's great muckraking reporters, I would wager that Jonathan Kwitny deserves a place at the top of the list, along with I. F. Stone, of course. In 1984, Kwitny published a very important and comprehensive book about U.S. foreign policy, Endless Enemies: THE MAKING OF AN UNFRIENDLY WORLD. Soon after the book came out, Kwitny and his publisher, Congdon & Weed, were sued by former New York Times reporter Kennett Love. Kwitny had mentioned Love in the book, and not in a flattering manner. The suit was resolved in favor of Kennett Love. The monetary damages to be paid to Love by Kwitny, et. al. were decided in 1991 in a separate trial. My understanding then was that the judgment also led to the demise of Congdon & Weed.

In 1986, Penguin re-published the book. I didn't know about the original, Congdon & Weed version when I purchased and read the Penguin version, and when I learned that Kwitny would be at a book-signing in Santa Monica, CA, to promote the new edition, I naturally wanted him to sign my copy. I also hoped that he would explain why Chapter 10 was comprised almost entirely of blank pages.

And so he did. Because Chapter 10 was all about Kennett Love, and Love's lawsuit against Kwitny and Congdon & Weed was still ongoing, the pages describing Love's activities in Iran, as he reported on the CIA-orchestrated overthrow of Iran's democratically elected Prime Minister, Mohammed Mossadegh, were redacted, so as to include only an occasional "and," or "then." After the signing, however, Kwitny informed me that he had some remainders of the original Congdon & Weed edition, and I soon purchased a copy directly from him. Jonathan Kwitny died in 1998. Considering the 9-11 attacks that brought down the Twin Towers, I felt that my visitors should know something about America's less-than-honorable history in the region. Thus, on July 30, 2010, I posted Chapter 10: Upsetting the Balance: Iran and Afghanistan . Kennet Love died in May, 2013, so he was still alive when I posted Chapter 10. Because I had not been sued by Love, I can only surmise that he either had not seen Chapter 10 on my website, or, given the judgment in the above lawsuit, he decided not to sue me even if he had read it.

I learned today -- August 12, 2021 -- that Condon & Weed firm might have been purchased in October, 1985 by Contemporary Books, a Middle West publisher. (See the reference here.) I have not been able to find Contemporary Books on the Internet, so I do not know if it -- or its successors -- own the copyright. Thus, I will take my chances for now.

I also came upon the New York Times obituary notice of Jonathan Kwitny's death. The article mentions Jon's last book, about Pope John Paul II: "In it, Mr. Kwitny melded journalism and history to chronicle not merely a life but also the world events that surrounded the Pope's tenure." Considering the title of Chapter 21, "Lies: The Government and the Press," it is not surprising that The Times makes no mention of Endless Enemies. —— August 12, 2021.

         Dust Jacket         
         Map of U.S. Interventions         
         Copyright Page, Frontispieces         
         Author's Note          xi
  1.    A World of Troubles          1
  2.    The Bankers, The Businessmen, and The Lawyers          8
  3.    Friends In Foreign Lands         31
  4.    The U.S. Comes To Africa         49
  5.    How The American Taxpayer Brought the Cuban Civil War To Lake Tanganyika   71
  6.    Where The Money Goes          86
  7.    Another Way          104
  8.    Success By Nonintervention:Nigeria          110
  9.    Failure by Intervention: Angola          126
10.    Upsetting the Balance: Iran and Afghanistan         152
11.    Repressing the Marketpace: The Middle East         179
12.    Tar Baby Wars: The Russians in Afghanistan         205
13.    Making Our Bed in Central America: I         219
14.    Making Our Bed in Central America: II         238
15.    The Chosen Enemy: The Cubans         252
16.    Dominoes: The Middle East         270
17.    The China Syndrome         286
18.    The Zaire of Asia: The Philippines         301
19.    The Unpredictable Results of Covert Action         315
20.    The Corruption of Domestic Organizations: The AFL-CIO         335
21.    Lies: The Government and the Press         355
22.    On Capitalism, Communism, and Freedom         379
Postscript.   Postscript         407
Acknowledgements.   Acknowledgements:         420
Index.   Index:          423

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