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My apologies for the less than professional sound of most of these presentations. I am not a sound engineer or a serious audiophile. My hearing is rotten. Nor do I have the patience to work at removing most of the imperfections in these transcriptions that I can hear. I welcome the downloading of these songs for personal use and the improvement of quality.

Stars of the San Francisco Opera. Taped from the Southern California Gas Company's Evening Concerts, October 1967. They were transferred to computer disk in September 2008. Sadly, I somehow missed taping Volume 5, mentioned by the narrator as upcoming at the end of Volume 4.

I will appreciate any messages regarding errors in transferring the arias or the table of contents. I believe that these songs are in the public domain, and I hope visitors will find this presentation both enjoyable and useful.
Volume 1:  1923 to 1927 inclusive
Volume 2:  1928 to 1932 inclusive
Volume 3:  1933 to 1937 inclusive
Volume 4:  1938 to 1942 inclusive

Die Erste Walpurgis Nacht.     Great choral piece by Mendelssohn. Poem by Goethe. Driuds vs. Christians.
Die Erste Walpurgis Nacht—lyrics.     Goethe's German and English translation. PDF file.

Leontine Pryce, Volumes I & II — 1965.

Volume 1:  : Great Soprano Arias from Purcell to Barber
Volume 2:  Great Soprano Arias from Handel to Puccini
Claudia Muzio — 19__.