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Viva La Paz

The 59-minute video below documents the International March for Peace in Central America, from mid-December 1985 through mid-January 1986. La Marcha, as we named it, was the brainchild of Norwegian peace activist Torril Eide, as a protest of President Reagan's Central American policies, and as a show of support for the many vicitms of the murderous Central American dictators beloved by President Reagan and his minions. La Marcha began in Panama, and travelled north to Mexico City. Its ranks included some 200-300 international peace activists, of which the American contingent was the most numerous.

My deepest thanks go to filmmaker Kelly Holland for permission to post this video documentary on my website. Unfortunately, this shameful episode in America's history has gone down the memory hole. I will let the film speak for itself; it begins with a long shot of the City of Los Angeles skyline. I apologize for the poor video-audio synchronization in the film. It is slow to load, and the navigation back and forth does not work as seamlessly as other videos I see on the Internet. I am not an accomplished video editor, and I welcome suggestions on improving the presentation.

Narrator: Kelly Holland

A photographic record of La Marcha can be found on my website: International March for Peace in Central America.